Jenny Gleeson

Coaching and Consulting

Jenny Gleeson Coaching and Consulting helps organisations and individuals get their act together!

Specialising in team wellbeing and workforce development, personality profiling, and offering ongoing consulting services, our team helps individuals and organisations understand themselves and others more effectively for improved results.

We especially enjoy working with community-based organisations and anyone with a growth mindset. Assisting those based in regional Western Australia is also a passion of ours. Hear from some of our clients

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Personality Dimensions explained
Workplace Services with Jenny Gleeson

Jenny Gleeson is the Empress of Ideas and Queen of Honesty. She is a doer and a change maker. People describe her as efficient, purpose driven, dynamic, reliable, and inspirational.

She thrives on helping organisations and individuals get their act together through ensuring teams are engaged and the workplace is pumping. Bringing energy into everything she does, she can come in and deliver a “WOW that was so awesome” workshop through to supporting your organisation on a more long-term basis by setting up structures, KPIs, and ongoing individual coaching.  

She loves project management, contract-based work, facilitating, researching, training, coaching, and supporting organisations achieve their desired outcomes.

Bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and expertise and being the winner of multiple awards including National Highly Commended Practitioner of the Year (2016), State Life/Career Coach Eduprenuer of the Year (2015), State Goldfields Home-based Business Award (2012), National Career Practitioner of the Year (2007), she can see the big picture then drill out and work out precisely what needs to be done – then do it!   

On top of that, she spends a lot of time tutoring and coaching young people, especially the pointy end kiddies, whom she loves and doesn’t shy away from. Writing and self-publishing a resource guide called “Personalities in the Classroom”, she sold out her first print run within 6-months and is now negotiating a second edition with Career/LifeSkills Resources Inc based in Canada. This guide focuses on assisting young people understand themselves better, build resilience and look at careers of interest through their personality type.

Personality profiling is her jam as she has witnessed so many ‘A-HA’ moments from individuals and teams when they finally understand how powerful it is to understand self and others more deeply. Delivering Personality Dimensions to thousands of people over a 13+ year span, she has witnessed teams transform and come back for more.

She is very passionate about disrupting expected norms and shaking things up. If you want a dynamic presenter and someone who tells it how it is, Jenny is your girl!

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